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May 18, 2018
Updated 2018 Training Schedule
Xilinx FPGA Academy I - Brisbane 16th - 20th July The Academy I using Vivado 2017 course consists of 2 packaged courses including: • Designing with VHDL (3 days) • Essentials of FPGA Design (2 Day) This is our flag ship course which is essential for any one new to using FPGAs. within one week you will understand the basics of the FPGA Hardware, the Vivado flow and basic timing constraints and of course a good understanding of the common structures and syntax of VHDL and will have a basic design running in hardware from scratch. Hit the ground running! Price: $2995 + GST for 5 days FREE BASYS-3 Artix-7 BOARD Valued at $222.95 + GST! ------------------------------------- High Level Synthesis - Live Online 23rd - 25th July Our Canada based HLS expert Reg Zatrepalek, former Xilinx Specialist DSP, FAE and current lead trainer for Hardent - Xilinx's North American Training provider, once again joins us to present live online our comprehensive 2 day HLS course. This course provides a thorough introduction to the Vivado® High-Level Synthesis (HLS) tool. This course covers synthesis strategies, features, improving throughput, area, interface creation, latency, testbench coding, and coding tips. Utilise the Vivado HLS tool to optimise code for high-speed performance in an embedded environment and download for in-circuit validation. This course is live online via webex. Labs are done locally on your own PC. The two day course will be split into 4 sessions across four days. Price: $1400 + GST ------------------------------------- Xilinx FPGA Academy II - Brisbane 20th - 24th August This is for designers who have a design or two under their belts and want to learn more in regards to improving performance and utilisation and how to debug their design. Everyone gets something from this course, even the experienced. The Academy II course consists of a number of courses including: • FPGA Design Tips & Techniques (2 days) • Advanced Vivado, debugging, XDC and STA for timing closure (3 days) • Contains most relevant modules from FPGA Design Courses 2,3 & 4 Much of the Xilinx Ultrafast methodoly is contained within the above modules Price: $2995 + GST for 5 days ------------------------------------- Xilinx Embedded Academy I - Brisbane 10 - 12th September Steve Bennett, our Xilinx certified Embedded specialist and project manager is excited to be running our newly updated 3 day Introduction Academy using Vivado 2016 and Zynq. This is a great course to quickly get designing with Zynq and ask an expert questions. This course provides developers with the knowledge required to design and build designs based on the Zynq All Programmable SoC. It details the individual components that comprise the PS: I/O peripherals, timers, caching, DMA, interrupt, and memory controllers. Emphasis is placed on effective access and usage of the PS DDR controller from PL user logic, efficient PL-to-PS interfacing, and design techniques, trade-offs, and advantages of implementing functions in the PS or the PL. In addition, you will learn how to use Vivado, Xilinx SDK tools to create and implement a complete hardware and software design. Covers both the standalone software environment and an introduction to developing embedded Linux systems. Price: $1995 + GST for full 3 days
April 29, 2014
Black Box Consulting Win an Outstanding Trainer Award in 2014
Xilinx has awarded Peter Boxall of Black Box Consulting the annual outstanding trainer award for 2013/14. The award is due to the strength of feedback from customers attending courses, and the amount and range of courses delivereed. Peter will travel to Taiwan in May to accept the award. With a number of outstanding training organisation and individuals in The Asia Pacific region, Black Box consulting really appreciated the recognition for its efforts in providing outstanding training in the ANZ region Thank you again!
Here are some links of people and companies we work closely with and recommend because they are good at what they do and nice to deal with. We appreciate it if you can let them know we sent you their way.

As its my wifes Business, I should put this first even though its not very applicable to FPGAs! My wife's side of the family run a dog grooming, training and Australia wide online dog treat/food/products business. If you have a dog, I am sure the other half of my family can help you out there as well! Visit the CLEAR Dog Treats Shop for further details.

John Williams from Petalogix has worked with Black Box Consulting since 2006 as our presenter for all Embedded Courses. As a Xilinx Embedded Alliance Partner John is well respected and actively consults to companies around the world. Contact John at [email protected] or visit for further details.

Black Box Consulting provide specialised consulting to support you through your design cycle and any troubles you may have; with Timing Closure for Example. However at this time we do not have the capacity to offer long term design house services due to our training commitments.

We recommend Digicom as an experienced Consulting and Design Services company with a wide range of specialised skills in the area of FPGAs. They are also a Xilinx Alliance Program member.

Their website and contact details are An easy one to remember!

Xilinx is the worldwide leader in programmable logic solutions. Xilinx Provide FPGA’s for a diverse range of markets from low cost Spartan devices found on our BASYS2 and NEXSY2 boards through to high end cutting edge FPGA’s as part of their Virtex Family. There is a wealth of knowledge supporting Xilinx, from its Alliance partners, design houses, distributors, and of course, us, the Authorised Training Provider! Visit them at is a public directory of training, education, learning and development seminars, programs and providers. You can visit their website at

Their directory includes all types of training and educational seminars, including instructor-led training (ILT), courseware, e-learning, home study and self-paced learning resources.Specifically you can find more details of xilinx courses at


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